Fotografía contemporánea por Francisco González Fernández.


Love is the secret
is the light
is the blooming passion in the dark night
is tomorrow
is the memory dedicated to the regret of the past

Love is the distance
is tightly shuttered eyes
is butterfly’s sobs
is burning
is the flame lights up the pain and goes out afterwards

Love is the wound
is the ravage of time
is intently watching of fantasy
is the lies
is a slowly winded line for an eternity

Love is the starry night
is the heavy-crown coronation of the whole world
is the reflection
is the crystal face
is the smoke swirling up the tearing land  

Love is the fireworks
is the hot kiss
is the dying eternity
is the wind
is a feast before vanishing

Foto y Autor Texto: Maleonn

OFOTO Gallery (Shanghai)